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    So you do your trades behind the multi-monitor station, laptop or from your mobile; BitFin equips you with the necessary tools to carry out your trades intelligently. Our passion for providing the best technology is not limited to desktop platforms. BitFin provides the power you need on any computer, browser and mobile.

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    Why BitFin

    Trade anywhere!

    Multi-Monitor Station Software

    A powerful desktop trading platform for day traders

    No PDT Rules

    We are one of the best brokers for Day Traders.

    Receive Leverage of up to 6 to 1

    We offer our clients intraday margins of up to 6 to 1

    Live Help 24/7 via Chat Support

    24/7 live chat and phone support 8AM – 6PM EST

    Quick Executions

    BitFin provides direct access market data with one of the fastest internalizing intelligent routing engines.

    Integrated Locates

    Get access to 4 third-party stock loan services. Find the actions you need at the lowest price.

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