BitFin has platforms that adapt to the needs of any trader.

BitFin offers the best free software in the stock trading industry.

BitFin Pro, is a powerful platform with direct access to level 2 of the market. BitFin Web is a free solution for all traders. Not only that, we also have BitFin Mobile, so you have access to your account from your mobile. BitFin Pro and BitFin Mobile offer all the tools you will need to become a successful trader.

Our highly organized and easy-to-follow Level II displays allow you to quickly see how market makers and ECNs line up. Use Tier II data to quickly spot imbalances on the supply or demand side. Plus, easily track Market Makers and ECNs to see who the biggest players are in each action and if they are buying or selling. Combine Level II with real-time intraday charts and time and sales windows, and you have the best chance of trading buy-side or sell-side biases.

BitFin Desktop Pro provides you with a wealth of charting and timing capabilities. Choose from a wide range of chart types, including Price, Candles, and more. Plus, get right into the action with real-time daily charts and intraday charts. Then expand your market analysis with technical indicators, trend line studies, and drawing tools. All of which is updated in real time, tick by tick. This type of up-to-date analysis is an incredible advantage for traders looking for quick momentum movements or for investors who want to get the best buy / sell price for their long-term trading strategy.

One of the most interesting and revealing tools is the Quotes List. The quote list has several functions at the same time. First, it gives you immediate “at a glance” knowledge of where the values ​​you are following at the moment are. Instantly alerts you when your price or volume targets are met. Second, it provides more than 10 data points including “Last Trade”, Bid / Ask, Intraday High / Low, $ Change, Volume and many more.

Identify hot stocks to trade. Our Top List window lets you see which stocks are making big moves with just a glance at your screen. For example, watch a list of the Nasdaq’s highest winners or losers update on your screen every second. You will see which stocks have posted the highest or lowest price gains so far for the day. This easy-to-read window also allows you to view 20 columns on your screen.

The Account Manager is the accounting center for BitFin Desktop Pro. This window contains two separate areas that dynamically track your positions and purchasing power.

Maintain complete control and monitoring of your open orders, trades, positions, account balances, realized / unrealized gains and losses and purchasing power, all in real time.

The breaking news focuses on:

  • Earnings reports
  • Earning Warnings / Previous Announcements
  • Profit surprises
  • FDA approval / disapproval
  • Mergers / Acquisitions
  • Alliances / Associations / Major Product Launches
  • Major contract gains / losses
  • Restructuring / Layoffs / Management changes
  • Stock splits / repurchases / debt offerings

Our time and sales windows dynamically update with detailed trade information as it occurs in real time, instantly displaying a list of each trade for each security. This incredibly insightful tool helps you measure the support resistances of certain price points and determine the volume behind each trade.

See in real time the stocks that are reaching their intraday highs and lows. Customize your search by price, volume, change, and percent change.

A powerful desktop trading platform for day traders.

BitFin Pro is level II shortcut software. This trading platform comes complete with fully integrated point-click simple trading. This desktop software preferred by DayTraders due to its advanced features.

  • Highly organized and easy to follow level II displays
  • Advanced charting capabilities
  • Load command entry functions and softkeys
  • News in real time
  • Linking and customizing windows
  • Real-time profit and loss information
  • Works on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS via BootCamp
  • Available in multiple languages: English, Mandarin and Russian
Free Online Trading Platform for Stocks and Options.

BitFin Web is a free online stock trading platform that provides users with real-time streaming data, intraday charts, quick and easy order entry and execution designed to meet the needs of the day trader. Trade stocks with BitFin from a single screen for a seamless trading experience.

Is the web platform that works everywhere?

This platform is a great way to dive into the world of day trading, especially if you can only trade part-time. When you use the BitFin platform for day trading, you will receive access to all of our basic trading functions. Our basic offerings outperform other trading platforms.

Use our free daytrading stock charts to determine your trades. You’ll get access to over 10,000 ticker symbols to short, the most of any online trading platform. You can trade both stocks and options.

We also offer 6:1 leverage on intraday trading and 2:1 on night trading.

Our world-class customer service is available by phone, email, and chat. All rates are transparent. 

The BitFin Web platform is not the only cost-free aspect of the trading platform; it also includes NYSE and AMEX Tier 1 data.

System Requirements:

  • IE 10
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome

Trade on Your iOS

iOS App with Level-2 Quotes
Are you always on the go?

For traders who are not always in front of their computer, and on the go, BitFin Mobile: is the best day trading BitFin application available. Mobile offers convenient mobile solutions that allow you to operate your account from most mobiles whether they are iPhone or Android.

iDASTrader, our application is for iOS for Apple iPhone.

Some of its features include:

  • Make exchanges
  • View account status
  • Get appointment


Trade on Your Android

This day trading app is also ideal for part-time traders as it allows you to trade while on the go. Either at work or during break time. When traveling, you have the facility to trade even when traveling or in any time zone. BitFin Mobile is as close as your pocket. With modern technology, trading through your smartphone is as secure as trading from your computer or laptop.

With BitFin Mobile, you can view your account status, get quotes and trade quickly and easily. Our mobile interface is intuitive and easy to learn.

All of our customers trust their success to us

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